Meet Our Contributors

Peter Printer

Peter Printer printer expert
Peter Printer grew up in a small town, he was a geek but accepted that fact and learned to live with it. As a kid he was very into comic books still having a massive collection to this date, he was very successful in school graduating first in his class of 20 students, after high school he moved into the city to study business. Moving in with Timmy Thermal, to help pay for the rent. during his years at college he took up the fixing and engineering printers as a hobby and is known for his expertise in the field. You’ll find peter printer still living with Timmy Thermal for some unknown reason.a very successful middle manager as well as a decent mogul of stocks constantly surrounded by his geeky friends to which he often burdened to trying to explain whats his friends are trying…Read More

Harry Plotter

Harry Plotter Printer Expert.
Harry plotter grew up in a pretty big town, also sharp he developed an unwanted geeky personality. Instead of embracing it like his classmate Timmy Thermal, he made every attempt to hide it. Going to sports games, even unsuccessfully trying out for a few, dances(mostly by himself), and any other events that the popular crowd would do. Unfortunately he could never shake his natural geek, Which in turn made all his effort filled tries to end in social awkwardness. however with the self esteem of a celebrity he spirit was never crushed the same strong spirit that lead him to his wife.Read More

Barry Barcode

Barry Barcode Barcode Expert.
Barry Barcode is a man who never really followed his roots, born on and raise on a farm he was thrust into the farming lifestyle. this lifestyle was not a a perfect match for Barry in fact it was the exact opposite, Barry had no physical strength what so ever. However what he lacked in strength he had in intelligence which he used in the constant tinkering with computers and scanners graduating first in his class Barry moved out into the city where he instantly fell in love with the lifestyle. Barry now can be found at any of the fancy gathering engaging in the friendly conversations, or Hanging with his pals at Peter Printers place playing video games and conversing over comic books.Read More


Timmy Thermal

Timmy Thermal Printer Expert.
Timmy Thermal grew up in a big town filled with a lot of people including classmates Harry Plotter, along unlike Harry Plotter who hid the fact that he was nerd Timmy Thermal embraced it. A massive Star Trek with a genius intellect lead to a very geeky and arrogant personality which lead to a very lonely life and future delays of promotion in his jobs. Finishing college at 20 Timmy Thermal got a job in IT and moved in with his roommate Peter Printer. Now a days you can find Timmy Thermal still a It guy rooming with Peter Printer and hanging with friends.Read More