Peter Printer

Peter Printer printer expert













Education: Business Degree

Work Experience: Printer Repair Technician

Interests: Golf, Stocks, Comic Books.

Relationship Status: Single

Description: Peter Printer grew up in a small town, he was a geek but accepted that fact and learned to live with it. As a kid he was very into comic books still having a massive collection to this date, he was very successful in school graduating first in his class of 20 students, after high school he moved into the city to study business. Moving in with Timmy Thermal, to help pay for the rent. during his years at college he took up the fixing and engineering printers as a hobby and is known for his expertise in the field. You’ll find peter printer still living with Timmy Thermal for some unknown reason.a very successful middle manager as well as a decent mogul of stocks constantly surrounded by his geeky friends to which he often burdened to trying to explain whats his friends are trying to say in their complete lack of social prowess.