Timmy Thermal

Timmy Thermal

Timmy Thermal Thermal printer expert













Education: Computer Science Degree

Work Experience:Thermal Printer Technician

Interests: Dungeons and Dragons, Technology, Apps, Computers, Star Trek, Video Games, Comic Books.

Relationship Status: Single

Description: Timmy Thermal grew up in a big town filled with a lot of people including classmate Harry Plotter, but unlike Harry Plotter who hid the fact that he was a nerd, Timmy Thermal embraced it. A massive Star Trek fan with a genius intellect lead to a very geeky and arrogant personality which lead to a very lonely life and jobs with little or no chance of promotion. Finishing college at 20, Timmy Thermal got a job in IT and moved in with his roommate Peter Printer. Nowadays you can find Timmy Thermal still working in IT, rooming with Peter Printer and hanging with friends.